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Steel Cut Wire Shot

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Carbon steel cut wire are made of from steel wire cut in pieces. The cylindrical cut wire is mainly used in the foundry and construction industries for heavy duty applications like de-sanding, descaling and cleaning. The cylindrical cut wire achieves a high cleaning efficiency and has a long service life.Steel cut wire shot is used for industrial foundry, forging plant, heat treatment shop, steel construction plant, container manufacturer, ship builder, auto and locomotive manufacturer and stone mill.

Microstructure: Tempered Martensite High strength, durable, Ervin life: Steel cut wire shot: 3000 cycles

Chemical Composition of Steel Cut Wire Shot:

C     0.45% - 0.85%

Mn   0.60 – 1.20%

Si    0.10 – 0.30%

P     0.045 % max

S     0.050 % max

1.0mm / 1.2mm / 1.5mm /1.8mm/ 2.0mm / 2.5mm
Hardness: cw1.0: 51-53HRC cw1.5: 41-45HRC cw2.0: 51-53HRC
Density: 7.8g/cucm